The Legend Continues.....

In 1995, Jesse McGrew (Alloy) released the first version of AlloyMUSH. It was based on the TinyMUSH 2.0 platform and was considered ahead of its time. It contained features that weren't seen in server till years later.

After a while, Jesse's interested in the project subsided and he moved on to other things. With the codebase not being updated, AlloyMUSH faded into obsolecence. That is when we approached Jesse with a plan to revive the project into a new incarnation.

Alloy was ported to a more stable MUX 2.0 codebase and AlloyMUX was born. AlloyMUX's intention is to again be revolutionary in it features and design. AlloyMUX is currently being maintained by William Hill (hellspawn) and Paul McNeely (Nidwe).